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2018-19: Worked on end-to-end procedural environment generation pipeline for autonomous driving simulation. Used a Houdini to Unreal Engine 4 workflow.

2017: Made in collaboration with CMU MFA student Joyce Poulard-Cruz

2017: Music composed in pureData. Models built and animated in Maya. Developed in Unity 5.5 using SteamVR.

2016: Made in collaboration with musicians Wise Blood and The Moon Baby, CMU MFA student Kevin Ramser and CMU BCSA students Alicia Iott, Char Stiles and Guy De Bree.

2014: Made in C# using Microsoft Kinect 2.0 and OpenGL. Won the Applied Predictive Technologies Innovation Award at CMU's Fall 2014 15-112 Final Project Showcase (sole winner out of 400+ applicants).

2019-21: Pipeline engineer, developed procedural generation of a speculative mega-city with 50 million inhabitants. Worked with researchers, designers, artists to develop interactive educational application for discussing future trends in civil engineering and urban planning.